Our Recruitment Services

Our candidate-centric recruitment services enable you to understand, connect with and recruit your ideal employees and build an agency that candidates queue up to join.

More than an internal recruiter

Our recruitment services focus on establishing long-term recruitment strategies as well as supporting you with your short-term recruitment needs.

Benefits of working with FWPXA on your recruitment

Reduce your cost to hire. Stop relying on costly headhunters, expensive job boards and recruitment agencies.

Hire right first time. Create job ads and experiences that attract, engage and recruit your ‘Ideal Employees’.

Speed up your recruitment process. Build your own pipeline of interested and suitable candidates that you can tap into when you’re hiring.

Deliver an exceptional candidate experience. One they’ll tell their peers about for all the right reasons.

How FWPXA helps agencies with their recruitment strategy

Building and nurturing a pipeline of prospective job candidates. Candidates who are ‘warm’, engaged and aligned with your agency. Candidates who are primed and ready for when you are recruiting. Candidates who have the potential to be your ‘ideal employees’ of the future.

Long-term recruitment strategy:

Phase 1: Discovery and 'Ideal Employee' profile building

Using voice of employee insight to understand more about your agency and your ideal employee.

The initial phase of the strategy is information gathering.

Using a number of different data sources, FWPXA seek to understand:

1. What differentiates you from other agencies? Why are people choosing you over the competition? What candidate objections do you come up against and how do you counter them? The insight from this is used in Phase 2.

2. What does your ‘Ideal Employee’ look like? What experience, skillset, personality, values etc. do they have? This insight is used to build an employee profile to refer to in Phase 3.

What we do:

  • Hold group discussions with management and those currently responsible for hiring
  • Speak to a selection of your ideal employees one-on-one
  • Speak to your job candidates – both the successful and unsuccessful.
  • Prepare a report sharing the findings and making recommendations
  • Build an ‘Ideal Employee’ profile

Phase 2: Employer branding and recruitment marketing

Spreading the message to attract your ideal employee.

A strong employer brand helps agencies compete for the best talent and establish themselves as an agency that people want to work for.

FWPXA can help establish your employer branding and create and deliver recruitment marketing that is focused on addressing potential candidate objections, communicating what makes you unique and establishing your agency as a place where your ideal employee wants to work.

What we do:

  • Review and rewrite your job descriptions and candidate comms
  • Suggest, and help to deliver, changes to your careers page
  • Develop, and help to deliver, a content plan aimed at prospective job candidates
  • Identify additional ways to differentiate your agency from your competition

Phase 3: Building and maintaining a talent pool

Building a pool of prospective candidates that either match the ‘Ideal Employee’ profile, or have the potential to in future.

Having a database of ideal employees who have the skills and experience you’re loking for, and are engaged and aligned with your agency, can reduce recruitment time and costs.

But it’s time consuming to maintain

FWPXA can build and maintain this database for you as well as nurturing those on it.

What we do:

  • Identify prospective job candidates and collate them on a headhunting database
  • Ensure key personnel within the agency are connected to, and engaging with, possibly future talent both in person and online

How FWPXA supports agencies with their hiring

Short-term recruitment support

Job adverts and candidate comms

Writing job adverts and candidate communications that attract and engage your ideal candidate

Copy/paste job descriptions simply don’t get the results you’re looking for. And ghosting unsuccessful applicants isn’t how you become an agency of choice.

Writing effective job adverts and candidate communications require you to really get into the heads of your ideal candidate and make them feel like what they’re reading was written just for them.

FWPXA can turn your job descriptions into effective, engaging job adverts and draft template candidate comms for you to use to keep all applicants updated.


What we do:

  • Write job adverts that effectively attract your ideal candidate and encourage them to apply (whilst subtly discouraging other, non-ideal candidates)
  • Write template candidate communications to use throughout the hiring process to keep candidates informed and updated about the status of their application

Recruitment admin

Working as your Talent Manager to manage your hiring process and ensure your applicants receive an exceptional candidate experience.

As and when you are actively recruiting, FWPXA take as much of the burden of recruitment admin away from your billable employees as possible, leaving them to focus on their day jobs and only the necessary aspects of recruitment that can’t be outsourced.

A flowchart showing the recruitment tasks that FWPXA are responsible for and the tasks that remain with you

30 days from ad going live to hire with a practical task in the middle is amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to get near that without your help, so thank you so much.

Jonny Whitehead

Digital Director, BWP

Clients we’ve supported with Recruitment

By the way, we don’t just help you with recruiting your ideal employees, we also help you retain them too.

Check out our Retention Services page to see how we use a a Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act mindset to understand your employee experience and improve your agency.

Wondering how FWPXA can help your people-first creative agency recruit and retain your ideal employees?