Ferris Wheel People Experience Agency envision a world where both people and profit are prioritised equally in the boardroom. And we’re on a mission to help agency owners and leaders to understand and improve their people’s experiences. That means the experiences of their job candidates, their new starters, their existing employees and their departing employees.

Building employee engagement, and an enjoyable employee experience, isn’t a one-time activity. It’s an ongoing, iterative collaboration between leaders and employees that delivers a huge return on investment. Unfortunately, many agencies simply don’t have the workload, or the resource, to dedicate to this.

That’s where Ferris Wheel PX comes in. We take care of your people, while you take care of other business priorities.

Our mindset

The four fundamentals we live by: Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act

All of our work and services are based on our Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act mindset.

  • Embed and use 2-way communication with your people – talk ‘with’ them, not ‘to’ them. This communication could be one-to-one or in a group, verbal or written. Maintain this communication throughout the process.
  • Listen to your people – you’ve given them a voice, listen to it, learn from it.
  • Understand their experience – clarify, investigate, dissect, accept. Ask great follow up questions, dig deeper into the data to find the hidden insight.
  • Act on the insight – implement changes. Your people aren’t communicating just to make you aware of thing, they’re communicating because you have the power to change things! Use this power.

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About Lynne, Chief People Experience Advocate

Lynne Wright, Chief Experience Office, FWPX
Lynne Wright, Chief People Experience Advocate

During ‘the great pause of 2020’, I had time to reflect, to look inside and increase my awareness of who I am, what I’m passionate about and what value I bring to the world.

Ferris Wheel People Experience Agency is the result of that reflection.

It was created from the belief that although engaged employees are fundamental to business success, some business leaders continue to prioritise profit over people. Something I acutely felt first hand having been, like many in 2020, furloughed and then losing my job to redundancy. It felt like there had to be another way to run a business. And it turns out there is.

My #PeopleANDProfit motto

I soon realised that successful businesses aren’t people-first OR profit-first. The kind of business that people WANT to work for and enjoy the experience of working for, rely on both people-focused initiatives AND profit-focused initiatives. (See my LinkedIn article about this here – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-joe-wicks-podcast-led-evolution-my-motto-lynne-wright/)

These are both skillset I bring with me.

My natural traits and abilities lend themselves to the people side. I bring strengths such as empathy, compassion, and intuitive awareness of others’ needs thanks to a highly sensitive personality.

My experience and background lend themselves to the business side. I understand how agencies are run and the importance of growing profitably. Before setting up Ferris Wheel PX agency, I a was a core employee of a small agency which uniquely allowed me to play both a strategic and operational role in it’s growth.

In summary: I know how important both people AND profit are to agencies and value prioritising both.