About Us

Enabling people-first creative agencies to recruit and retain their ideal employees and build an agency people want to work for.

Chief People Experience Advocate

Hi, I’m Lynne

and I advocate for improving people’s experiences throughout the employee journey

I established FWPXA in 2020 so I could play my part in creating a world where workplaces treat their employees like people, not numbers.

A world where all employers listen to, understand and value their people. From their job candidates to their employees to their alumni.

A world where both people and profit are prioritised equally in the boardroom.

A world of work I’d return to.

A world of work for my daughter, and others of her generation, to join and thrive in.

Will you join me on my mission?

Ferris Wheel People Experience Advocates

That’s a mouthful. What does it mean?

I’m glad you asked. Let me break it down

Ferris Wheel


This summarises how I view and describe the employee journey. From job hunting to onboarding to employment and departure.

You’ll find the graphic throughout the website and I’ve written a blog explaining it if you’re interested.

People eXperience


This serves as a constant reminder that employees are more than ‘just’ employees. They’re whole people.

It also ensures that the range of services I offer aim to improve the experiences of people across the entire employee journey.



This keeps me focused on what I’m trying to achieve.

A community of advocates who “publicly support or defend” the need to prioritise the experience of people as well as the generation of profit in the successful running and growth of an agency.

Who FWPXA Work With

We specialise in working with small, people-first creative agencies (10-50 employees) whose leadership understands the important role that both people and profit play in the running of a successful agency.

Agencies working with FWPXA to recruit and retain their ideal employees include:

As CEO of a data driven organisation, I love the fact that Lynne is driven by the numbers part of employee engagement as well as the momentum she created in taking action. Her efforts have paid off in so many ways.

Dan Croxen-John

Founder, AWA digital

About Lynne Wright

Founder and Chief People Experience Advocate

Lynne, the (Self-)Employee

  • A natural data analyst, I enjoy getting stuck into both quantitative and qualitative data, analysing it, interpreting it and acting on it.
  • Prefers to make decisions and recommendations based on data and evidence, not best practice and opinion.
  • 7 years experience as a core employee of a small agency so I understand how agencies are run and the importance of growing profitably. 
  • A Night Owl who works best after-hours. I reach maximum productivity when everyone else has logged off for the day and distractions – in my home and work life – are at a minimum.

Lynne, the Person

  • Proud wife of 11 years and Mum of 5 1/2 years.
  • Guaranteed to get on the dancefloor when Love Shack by The B-52’s comes on.
  • Much happier in a snow storm than a heatwave. Anything over 20° and I get all hot, bothered and grumpy!
  • Myers Briggs type INFJ – Introversion, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. (a.k.a ‘Advocate’ in 16 Personalities lingo… coincidence?!)
  • Clifton Strengths: 1. Input, 2. Connectedness, 3. Relator, 4. Learner, 5. Intellection.
  • Ironically, wouldn’t be found riding a Ferris wheel as the though of it gets me all panicky!

Wondering how FWPXA can help your people-first creative agency recruit and retain your ideal employees?