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Recruit and retain your ideal employees.

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Ferris Wheel People Experience Advocates

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Attracting and retaining the right people is key to your agency’s success.

As a people-first creative agency, you know the importance of your people.

But you don’t necessarily have anyone in a HR/People role to take responsibility for them.

Responsibility for recruitment lies within the hiring or operational department. Employee retention is the responsibility of the leadership team. And there are countless improvements to the employee experience that you want to make, but don’t have the resource for.

That’s where FWPXA come in.

If you’re striving to build an agency that people want to work for…

An agency that attracts high quality candidates without excessive recruitment costs.

An agency that engages employees and enables them to work to the best of their potential.

An agency that retains these happy, talented, engaged, employees.

…Ferris Wheel People Experience Advocates are here to help.


The four fundamentals we work by: Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act

We work with agency owners and leaders to embed a Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act mindset within their agency.


Ensuring the agency has – and regularly and appropriately uses – two-way communication strategies that give people a voice to share their experiences.


Ensuring the agency listens to these voices and people’s experiences, suggestions and concerns are being heard.


Helping the agency to understand the experience of their people and accept what’s being said as the people’s truth – even if it’s not what leaders want to hear, or believe to be true.


Supporting agency leaders and teams to act on the insight, implement the required change(s) and monitor the impact.

Interested in finding out more?

Our People Experience Services

Our People Experience Services cover the entire employee journey – from recruitment and onboarding to offboarding and the myriad of employee experiences in between.

We think of it Ferris wheel style:

Candidate Experience

From the moment people become aware of your agency right through to the point your ideal employee begins working with you, they’re having an experience of, and with, you. FWPXA help you learn about what that experience is like through Candidate Experience Surveys & Interviews as well as helping you deliver an exceptional candidate experience with our Recruitment Services.

Onboarding Experience

The onboarding period is the time where initial impressions are made. FWPXA’s Onboarding Interviews give you access to these initial impressions and enable you to understand how the reality of working with your agency compares to the expectations they created during the hiring and even pre-hiring stages.

Employee Experience

Once they’re onboarded, the experience of working with your agency soon slips into a pattern; daily routines, weekly meetings, quarterly updates, annual reviews. Our employee experience services – Employee Surveys, ‘Stay’ Interviews & Focus Groups – are all designed to help you understand and improve the experience your people have riding along with you.

Offboarding Experience

Regardless of how long their ride with you, your departing employees are full of ideas, suggestions and honesty about their experience. Don’t let them walk away with all that insight. Exit Interviews – especially when done by impartial outsiders – enable you to learn and improve like no other service FWPXA offer.


Lynne was instrumental in keeping team engagement and welfare high up the agenda. She used well thought through analysis based on real data to provide insights and recommended actions for continuous improvement in key areas around personal development, team relationships and alignment.

What was of most value was her commercial grounding in the recommendations and innovative ways she suggested deploying limited resources.

Simon Clark

Agency & Consultancy Business Advisor