Understand and improve your employee experience. Build an agency people want to work for

What do you know about your employee’s experiences?

Everyone who works with, or for, your agency has an experience. Whether they’re an employee, a freelancer or a contractor.

It could be a good experience. It could be a bad experience. It’s often a bit of both.

But if you’re not speaking to your employees about their experiences. Not asking them questions, listening to their answers, understanding their perspectives. You’ll never improve it. And if you’re not improving it, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity.

If you want to build an agency people want to work for. An agency that attracts high quality candidates without excessive recruitment costs. An agency that engages employees and enables them to work to the best of their potential. An agency that retains these happy, talented, engaged, employees. Let’s chat.

People Experience Services

Our People Experience Services cover the entire employee journey – from recruitment and onboarding to offboarding and the experiences in between. We like to think of it Ferris Wheel style:



From day one, Lynne brought enthusiasm in helping us to make AWA a great place to work. Something that was commented upon in glowing terms by those both inside and outside the business. As CEO of a data driven organisation, I love the fact that Lynne is driven by the numbers part of employee engagement … Continue reading Dan Croxen-John, CEO, AWA digital

Dan Croxen-John, CEO, AWA digital

Lynne was instrumental in keeping team engagement and welfare high up the agenda. She used well thought through analysis based on real data to provide insights and recommended actions for continuous improvement in key areas around personal development, team relationships and alignment. What was of most value was her commercial grounding in the recommendations and … Continue reading Simon Clark, Agency & Consultancy Business Advisor

Simon Clark, Agency & Consultancy Business Advisor