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Designed to support businesses who want to improve their recruitment process by discovering what they’re doing well and what can be improved. Our Candidate Experience Services involve setting up candidate experience surveys and making recommendations based on the results.

What are the benefits of Employee Experience?

Businesses who invest in employee experience (EX) benefit from…

… increased revenue and profits

Higher average profit

More profit per employee

Higher average revenue

Higher revenue per employee

Author of The Employee Experience Advantage, Jacob Morgan analysed 250 organisations and found that the best organisations for employee experience outperform companies that don’t invest in employee experience across a range of business metrics.

Read our blog post: The benefits of optimising your employee experience, to learn more.

    Our Onboarding Services

    Onboarding interviews

    Discover what new employees think about your recruitment & onboarding processes

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    What we do:

    • Develop questions based on your specific areas of interest
    • Speak to your new employee
    • Understand their experience
    • Prepare a report sharing the findings and making recommendations

    From day one, Lynne brought enthusiasm in helping us to make AWA a great place to work. Something that was commented upon in glowing terms by those both inside and outside the business.

    As CEO of a data driven organisation, I love the fact that Lynne is driven by the numbers part of employee engagement as well as the momentum she created in taking action. Her efforts have paid off in so many ways.

    Dan Croxen-John

    Chief Executive Officer, AWA digital

    Our Mindset

    The four fundamentals we live by: Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act

    We work with agency owners and leaders to embed a Communicate, Listen, Understand, Act mindset within their business.


    Embed and use 2-way communication with your people – talk ‘with’ them, not ‘to’ them. This communication could be one-to-one or in a group, verbal or written. Maintain this communication throughout the process.


    Listen to your people – you’ve given them a voice, listen to it, learn from it.


    Understand their experience – clarify, investigate, dissect, accept. Ask great follow up questions, dig deeper into the data to find the hidden insight.


    Act on the insight – implement changes. Your people aren’t communicating just to make you aware of thing, they’re communicating because you have the power to change things! Use this power.

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