Why outsource your people experience work?

Jun 22, 2022 | Employee Experience

outsourcing your employee experience surveys

From experience we’ve found that, if employee / people experience is someone’s side project, progress and change can be slow – other tasks take priority, action is sporadic and as a result, your people don’t feel like they’re listened to and eventually stop communicating with you.

At FWPXA, people experience is our sole focus, not just a side project.

The benefits to bringing external people in to do this work include:

  • They won’t get distracted by other tasks or priorities.
  • They bring a fresh set of eyes to the data ensuring opportunities aren’t being missed.
  • They focus purely on your people and what they’re telling the business, there’s no hidden agenda.
  • They have no conflicting priorities, either on their time, or influencing their recommendations.
  • Sometimes, you’ll find that your people are more open and honest with someone outside of the business, especially if they feel like their feedback has fallen on deaf ears before.
  • They are often more cost effective than employing a full time, salaried, member of staff as you only pay for what you use.
  • They bring experience of people experiences at other companies and what has – and just as importantly, hasn’t – worked elsewhere.
  • You have someone to be accountable to, both for gathering the data, and for acting on the insight and implementing change

In addition, if you choose to outsource this work to FWPXA, we take responsibility for delivering action, not just insight from this activity.

One of our core values is ‘delivering action not just insight’. We are not satisfied simply leaving you with a report – we believe we owe your employees more than that. That’s why we can also work with you to help you deliver any recommendations and implement any changes.

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